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Can Ayahuasca Promote Peace in the Middle East? Conversations with Palestinians and Israelis

Psychedelic Science Summit: Austin, Texas (November 1-3, 2019) Speaker: Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, M.S.W. A collaboration between MAPS and the Centre for …

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    UN-LAWFULL STATE OD ISRAEL. UK and USA have ample room and land and thats how it should have been done in the first place! Palestine is for Palestinians!! And thats that.

  2. Peace in the Middle East? That crap has been going on since a Bronze Age goat herder had two sons that didn't get along. You should read their books. They are both titled "The Goat Herder's Guide to the Universe'. And remember, that's where God lives.

  3. There will be no peace in either the Middle East or any other part of the world as long as the world continues to let the most virulent form of racism and bigotry known to mankind continue to infect new generations of people. A group which deludes itself with the circular illogic of its being superior to all other people forms the true root of violence and murder worldwide. If the forensic facts of 9/11 and many other senseless and needless tragedies has not forced you awake on the matter, then you remain in abysmal and abject ignorance as to the true identity of the arch nemesis of peace and humanity at large.

    It is not the hardware which is at fault, in spite of the racial propaganda of those guilty of basing their identity in alleged genetic supremacy. It is a virus at the software level which turns good people into murderers for a fascist and elitist identity and nation based upon extremist ideology, separatism, segregation, xenophobia, and HATE. We need to treat the problem like a computer infected by a virus: one would not throw out the computer, but enact surgery to recover an operable system. The world is waking up to a simple truth: that unless we enforce a drastic change at the level of indoctrination into supremacist beliefs and eliminate the extremist bigotry of supremacy in one particular group of people that there will be no peace nor goodwill for our children and future generations worldwide.

    We can no longer afford to allow the most virulent form of racism ever known to mankind to continue to infect new generations. For in allowing the cancer to further grow, we only ensure the needless suffering and murder of people worldwide. Unless a certain group of people agree to be equal amongst all people of the world, one can only expect and suspect them of being the underlying cause of harm and murder to all. There are no two ways about the matter, and it is high time the world recognizes the fatal error made by the United Nations in the 1990s in declaring Zionism as not a form of racism.

    The straight-dope truth, no mixer, no chaser. Maybe you can handle it.


  4. In one of his videos, if I remember correctly, McKenna said that Harmala is psychoactive by itself, but Harmala does not contain DMT. It is merely a MAO inhibitor, still needs DMT to produce an Ayahuasca like experience, and local Acacia trees do not contain DMT. Hence, I believe producing a local Ayahuasca experience is impossible.

  5. The governments of the middle east would NEVER allow mind expanding plants to be used by their people. They don't care if helps people. Such plants are a threat to their power.

    So although this is a good idea, it would never be allowed. Psychedelics wake you up. And we all know that the Muslims down there are brainwashed. No govt is going to allow it. Not down there

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