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Grow For Broke – Cannabis Transplant (Week 8) + Legal Weed in Chicago | Organic Grow – ASMR

I do not condone any illegal activities, and this video was filmed for documentary purposes only. * J. B. Pritzker’s Cannabis legalization in Illinois takes effect …

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  1. Don’t listen to that 13 year old down there lol, you can’t get Reggie quality weed without drying it too fast while not curing and then pressing it to shit, you flower that plant and water the hell out of it when she’s thirsty, feed with P and K use distilled water and you’ll have a fat plant in no time, DO NOT HARVEST TOO EARLY you’ll be happy you waited the extra week from the day you said “I think I’m gonna harvest today”

  2. Bruh this is shameful… That plant is nutrient deficient and not even getting enough light. that's also like the worst soil you could use. those nutrients you are using are for flower also not even the vegetative stage, I get you have to start somewhere but do more research lmao. this is gonna be the quality of brick weed.

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