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How to Decarboxylate Cannabis with the Ardent Nova Lift

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  1. Great vids … quick question .. make some rso which cooked at 180 degrees for 1 hr … do I have to further decarb for edibles and what process would you recommend ? Thanks

  2. Did you intentionally have the toaster decarb the cannabis less effectively just to help sell the Nova?😏 you know just a bit of an exaggeration?😏 The difference seems pretty big.

    Regardless, nice video! 🙂 thanks!

  3. FYI all. There is a dude on instagram claiming he will send to you. He has a list of product pictures that resemble dispensary quality products. From moon rocks to oil pics. He asks you to send half now and half when you receive your product. DO NOT SEND MONEY. He took someone I know for over 1,000.00. It's a clever scam that even has tracking numbers but they aren't real. At the day product is supposed to arrive, you get an email saying they need 267 more dollars since package was sent with no return addy. That's also bogus. He changes his handle after each rip off. So I can't tell you what he's using now.

  4. I was not been able to get high yesterday even after i ate at lot of weed edibles
    I have been using weed firecrackers recipe n getting high for about 7-8 days continuously.. maybe that is the reason I didn't get the high euphoric trip.. i eat about 3 firecrackers (with decarboxylated cannabis) n smoked an entire joint yet nothing happened

  5. I think your main selling point is being able to do chemistry etc with household items like the vacuum pump. Basically the ultimate version of this show is how to clandestine lab(this is your area of research good luck get to work). Concentrates are the future(for most, present for some). You might wanna start taking chemistry courses.

  6. I have the ardent and it absolutely amazing. It definitely smells though. The whole odorless thing is absolute bullshit. It does works perfectly though, just definitely has an odor

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