Illinois Catholic Bishops oppose marijuana legalization

Illinois` Roman Catholic bishops have taken a stand against legalizing recreational use of marijuana. The six bishops issued a statement Monday that they …

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  1. Read Genesis 1 verse 29😂😂😂😂
    Morons. Not all weed gets you high. It's THC. Hemp is high in protein. Cannibidiol is treating symptoms if Parkinson's. If anyone is partaking in Satan's cabbage it's the fat cats bankrolling cash by keeping people in the private prison system. Timothy 6 verse 10. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil

  2. As if the Catholic Church has any right to talk about tax revenue being worth it. Y'all have been exempt for how long? That shit needs to change. Bunch of good for nothing kiddie diddlers.

  3. Illinois bishops should be ashamed for saying this. I believe that cannabis consumption is not at all sinfull and to the contrary, many are touched and healed by the Holy Spirit through this wonderful and beneficial living substance

  4. Hahhaha 100% dislike ratio!

    Pretty sure we all disagree with pedophilia but u all keep fucking little boys…so fuck your opinions about a plant we like.

  5. Just keep your kids away from catholic bishops and you should be fine . In my hometown parents don't leave their kids with bishops and priests , too many pedophiles and the pope does shit ! The benefits of legalization outweighs the harms if you would just read up on the subject.

  6. That mouth looks like it has been sucking little boy dicks for 30 years. I wonder when the boys he abused will come out. He probably has been moved from parish to parish after he has molested kids, instead of being in jail. Catholic religion is for the devil.

  7. Well wether these idiots want it or not it's coming, so either get on board or be left out looking like a dumbass, just as they are now. See all this really is ridiculous, and along with our government making poor decisions all the time based on "Moral" values? Gimme a break! The FDA approves very addictive pain meds that people have become so dependant on it that they can't go a day without it. And some of these people have no insurance, so they get there meds from the streets, or end up on heroin because it's stronger and cheaper. I say legalize marijuana on a federal level, and just like Sudafed, allow people who are hooked on opiates to be able to buy a month supply of hydrocodone, oxycodone, or tramadol over the counter, but limited to how much you buy. That way you allow people who are addicted or in need of stronger pain relief that dosent have insurance to be able to keep from being sick. It also stops alot of people from doctor shopping, and besides, we all know what people do with Sudafed, and it's not for a runny nose, it's to make meth. I think Benzodiazepines should be strictly kept on a "Have to basis" because those are dangerous if taken alot, or abused, because I've seen people do crazy shit on those. Marijuana should have been legal for a long time now, and like I was saying about the opiates being able to buy over the counter, it would stop alot of people going to prison for having just a few pills in there pocket, or people going to prison because they sell their meds. People steal for their drugs because they 1.Cant afford em, or 2. Can't go to a doctor (No insurance). I'm being nothing but honest, because I have lived the game, and I've see lives destroyed because of it. And it's not the addicts fault all the time, some of this blame has to be put on our government. You shouldn't throw a person in jail for having marijuana, or a few pain narcotics on them. Crack, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, and harder nerve, and pain narcotics can be more policed. But this Marijuana train isn't going to stop, we will be looking at a nation wide legalization by 2021 imo.

  8. Problems that could arise even though there are more problems from it being prohibited, and not to mention a laughing ignorance of how much this plant was related to the precursors of the religion he supposedly devotes his life to… Catholic priests speaking out against Cannabis even though the prophet of all Christ-based religions utilized kanneh bosm.. smh

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