Likbez on Weed Legalization, LSD and God // Mat Savelli

Design and Video Production by creative agency extraordinaire: Thrillhouse Studios Erika Dyck’s book Psychedelic Psychiatry …

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  1. Chapters:
    0:22 – How do we define an illegal drug?
    4:42 – Social attitudes define illegality of drugs
    9:04 – Will Canada ban cannabis again in the future?
    10:04 – High dogs in Canada
    11:40 – Weed = Wine?
    13:42 – Sex, drugs and rock n roll
    18:45 – Can LSD take you to a different dimension?
    25:10 – Were we high when we invented God?
    28:33 – It possible to control the mind through LSD?
    31:03 – Portugal decriminalized all drugs. ALL DRUGS.
    38:42 – Save children. Ban heroin.

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