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SCAM or SCIENCE? The Truth About CBD Products

CBD oil and all things CBD are taking the nation by storm and have also found their way into pro sports including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Along with …

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  1. It is a scam, because there is no pure form of CBD to test its effects. So everyone is lieing. I'm a licensed commercial growers in Colorado. Rick Simpson Oil given to epileptic kids in Colorado has 70% THC.

  2. It’s been around forever the reason the research is so slow is because it works on all those things u talked about but big pharmaceutical companies would rather keep pushing there drugs because it’s a multimillion dollar industry. Oops did I say that out loud

  3. Personal experience from 4 months of taking full spectrum CBD tincture for arthritis. I take a dose of 5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. That works out to approximately 100 mg per dose of CBD. it does ease the pain of arthritis. The amount of pain relief I get from that dose is about like taking two Tylenol. Taking Tylenol is a lot cheaper then CBD when it comes to pain relief but Tylenol over a period of time could have liver issues.

  4. dont be sheep…. if this cbd thibg cures alot of things and gets u less worried and stressed why wouldnt the govement try to ban it? no more sickness or going to the doctor. the pharmaceuticsl company would go down in flames because no more money.

  5. For the outrageous prices of cbd Oil I'll stick to smoking pot for my pain. CBD oil cost me over $1,000 a month to treat pain and for that I can buy enough Pot to treat my Pain for a whole year.
    Too bad all these Greedy Hemp Growers are keeping CBD prices so high that only the Rich can treat their Pain. May God Damn all you Greedy Fucks!

  6. Cannabis Sativa , Cannabis indica , Cannabis ruderalis…. are three chemotypes of the plant species cannabis from the plant family cannabaceae . marijuana is smoke of cannabis only.

    you can reference wild Mexican tobacco " marihuana" … cannabis plant got jacked and raped and you name it… left it to the dredges of society then the uppity ups decide to run with- harms from the plant !!!! with zero scientific evidence to back any emotional claims while Government patents like # 6630507 are created behind the scenes

  7. 1:30 . made it that long and Wham – that marijuana plant used to describe plant anatomy… all from cannabis = cannabaceae family…

    marijuana deliniates the smoke of cannabis sativ L. it is a word to describe the act of smoking cannabis for incarceration purposes… now people are claiming marijuana aas an entire species seperate of hemp … so far from truth . we have all been fed the lies about the cannabis plant and now they are semi legal lies LOL… anyway. not sure where to direct you as I've looked into it from every angle and had to find the truth sifting through it all

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